A Celebration of British Craftsmanship

British design and craftsmanship is well known for its impeccable quality and attention to detail, which is why products from the United Kingdom have long been the envy of the world. Today there are a variety of luxurious brands that are keeping these traditional skills alive, from the workshops of diamond fine jewellers and heritage tailors to royal embroiders and creators of rare fragrance.

The popularity and respect that traditional craftsmanship commands, has never been greater. With the rise in demand for products that exude authenticity, fine craftsmanship is truly the holy altar of luxury, where the history and story behind the product is brought vividly to life by the skill of the makers.

These beautiful products can be made to customers exact specifications, resulting in impressive bespoke pieces. Beyond Curated appreciate and admire the talent that goes into these industries, which is why we include them in our exclusive experiences.

Here are some of the most impressive and reputable British brands keeping traditional skills, values and techniques alive.

A core piece of history, Lock & Co. Hatters is the oldest hat shop in the world, having been founded in 1676.

We have the company to thank for creating and popularising the bowler hat, which was invented to solve the problem of hunters headgear. Top hats were considered too fragile and too tall as they were often being knocked over by low branches and this was the perfect solution.

Their innovative designs have graced the heads of some of the greatest figures in history, including Sir Winston Churchill and Oscar Wilde.

The long and impressive history of Hand & Lock can be traced back to as early as 1767 when a refugee from France moved to London and began manufacturing and selling lace to the military and tailors.

Now the luxurious embroidery company has over 250 years of experience embellishing, embroidering and monogramming garments for the military and fashion houses including Dior, Hermes and Louis Vuitton. They have also created exquisite embroidered gowns for members of the royal family, such as Queen Elizabeth and Diana, Princess of Wales.

Now Hand & Lock offer courses teaching people about the fine art of embroidery to help protect and preserve the skill.

Huntsman is a bespoke tailor and high-end fashion house with a history that dates back over 170 years. They have a reputation of making the most stylish garments for refined ladies and gentlemen and the house prides itself on its rich heritage and traditions.

Today it has the reputation of being one of the most inventive bespoke houses on Savile Row, with the brand being defined by their integrity, excellence and attention to detail.

Huntsman is known for their famous structured silhouette and was the inspiration for the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service. The house even created a bespoke quilted-leather double-breasted car-coat in collaboration with Bentley.

Creed is a perfume house that dates back hundreds of years, as it was established in 1760, the same year as King George III’s succession to the throne. It was originally founded in England as a tailoring house before becoming widely known for its fragrances.

The perfumeries relationship with the royal family started when a pair of scented leather gloves were delivered to King George III. Later Queen Victoria – George III’s granddaughter – appointed Creed as an official supplier to the royal family.

It was in 1845 that the House of Creed moved its headquarters to Paris due to the request of Napoleon III and Empress Eugènie, with Eugènie being the stylish leader of European fashion.

Today there are Creed boutiques all around the world, with the luxurious perfume house being located in cities such as London, Paris, New York City, Beverly Hills, Dubai and Milan, just to name a few.

They still create their perfumes in-house, with Olivier Creed continuing the tradition. He works with his son Erwin Creed, who travels the world sourcing, researching and commissioning the materials they use.

Set in the heart of London, exceptionally crafted jewels from the House of Garrard embody confident glamour. Some of the most renowned gemstones in the world were brought to life in the Garrard workshop, where precious stones are paired with the technical mastery for which Garrard is renowned. From the iconic setting of the Cullinan I diamond to the glittering tiaras worn at state occasions, the designs of these exceptional jewels live on in the pieces that are created to this day. After almost 300 years, the House’s industry-leading designers, gemmologists and craftspeople continue to be trusted at life’s most precious moments by royalty and private clients worldwide.

Whilst the flagship is temporarily closed, the doors to Garrard’s virtual home are open to offer advice, inspiration and sparkle during these difficult times. Discover more and shop beautifully gift wrapped jewels delivered to your doorstep here.


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