Our Partnerships and Collaborations

We pride ourselves on creating dynamic partnerships and collaborations with industry specialists who share our ethos for delivering the very best services to our valued guests,
and do so with passion and unwavering dedication.

Champagne Pol Roger

We have the pleasure of announcing our partnership with esteemed champagne house, Pol Roger. We are delighted that Pol Roger will feature at our distinguished private events and experiences, adding refined sparkle to the occasions we curate.

pol roger champagne cellar

As an historic champagne house, Pol Roger’s illustrious pedigree shares regal synergies with the wonderful historic locations, cultural journeys, private dining and insightful master class experiences we offer.

With intimate connections from Churchill to royalty and beyond, we are honoured to be in such distinguished company and thrilled to share the enjoyment of this fine wine with friends of Beyond Curated. To us, champagne represents a beautiful component of celebration and amplifies the pleasure of time spent enjoying life’s finest moments. The rich history and handcrafted nature of Pol Roger makes it the perfect compliment to the crafted experiences we curate with sincere passion.

Pol Roger Champagne house

Champagne Pol Roger; a Duty to Delight Since 1849

Champagne Pol Roger has been producing exceptional champagne for over 170 years. To this day the house remains small, family-owned, fiercely independent and unrivalled in its reputation for quality. Indeed, it is this quality which brought about Sir Winston Churchill’s lifelong attachment to Pol Roger, who famously insisted “In defeat I need it, in victory I deserve it”.

Maison Pol Roger owns 92 hectares of vineyards on prime sites in the Vallée d’Epernay and on the Côte des Blancs. Its cellars run for 7km and are on three levels, the deepest known as the ‘cave de prise de mousse’ at 34m below street level. As the name suggests this is where the wine undergoes its secondary fermentation in bottle. The fact that this deep cellar is at 9°C or less, rather than a normal cellar temperature of 11-12°C, prolongs this fermentation and contributes to the quality and particular style of the wines and their famously fine bubbles.

To enquire about our experiences which feature a private Pol Roger master class and Churchill insights, please contact us.

Celtic Castles

We are thrilled to partner with Celtic Castles
to offer our guests access to The Castle Man, who boasts a wealth of expertise and knowledge of castles throughout the UK, Ireland and France.

Through their shared passion for historic buildings and British history, Roger Masterson, aka The Castle Man, and Linda Hugo of Beyond Curated, offer guests the opportunity to experience unique settings and extraordinary private experiences which create heirloom memories that will be treasured for generations.

An introduction by Celtic Castles

Everyone should stay in a castle at least once in their life, however, once you have had one castle experience and touched a bit of history, you tend to want to do it again and again!
Celtic Castles is a specialist accommodation provider and has worked closely with castle owners for over 25 years, introducing guests to these wonderful historic properties. The company offers fantastic backdrops for special occasions and the important events in people’s lives; that could be a romantic getaway, a special birthday or just time being looked after by some of the most amazing staff working in hospitality in the UK, Ireland and France. Of course, castles are very popular venues for weddings and also work so well for family gatherings.

No two castles are the same and they create memories for life. We often hear our customers say “do you remember when we stayed at the castle…?” when they ask us to find them another!
These experiences last forever!

You may want to holiday with your family in the Duke of Devonshire’s Irish home or sleep in a bedroom that Henry VIII or Mary Queen of Scots slept in. It may be a small castle by the sea all to yourself, or a castle that was the crowning place of 38 Kings of Scots, including Macbeth and Robert The Bruce.

“We will never forget Roger, The Castle Man, of Celtic Castles – you got us started…after hearing me out on our ‘dream castle’ wish list, you nailed it”
Chris and Dawn Saunders, Calgery, Alberta, Canada

Get in touch to learn more about the Castle stays and heritage experiences that we can curate for you.

Maclean & Bruce

Beyond Curated and Maclean & Bruce create, deliver and celebrate the finest cultural and heritage experiences, sharing core values and an appreciation of the finer things in life.

We are thrilled to partner with Maclean & Bruce to offer our guests access to their unique local expertise and curated cultural experiences within Scotland.

An introduction by Maclean & Bruce

As the old adage goes; ‘It’s not what you know, but who you know’, and never is that more true than when you are travelling.

We are committed to offering a special experience to visitors to Scotland, far from that of the average tourist. We set ourselves apart by welcoming our guests as friends and delivering a trusted, precise and unique service for those seeking a higher level of access to the finer side of Scotland. We keep our guests away from the tourist trails, explore the hidden gems, and introduce guests to a level of authenticity which is dependent upon personal introductions. This company ethos has proven to make a world of difference to our guests, as well as to us as hosts.

​Our tailor made itineraries guide our clients away from the mass market products on offer by utilising our personal contacts and long standing partnerships to create experiences which are very much in touch with the people, the country, and the culture.

We set about ensuring that our guests enjoy experiences which rely on our personal knowledge and our friends, and therefore cannot be found anywhere else or by anyone else, guaranteeing that the time guests spend with us is like no other. Our combined decades of living and working with friends and relations, and continually forging new friendships, means that our ability to create truly unique experiences continues to develop and is second to none.

Beyond Curated and Mclean & Bruce look forward to creating enchanting London to Edinburgh experiences, designed to showcase the most exceptional private heritage elements, personally tailored and delivered, within these great destinations.

Edinburgh Castle

Club Porteno Provoqa

Beyond Curated are delighted to partner with the exciting and unique Club Porteno Provoqa – to offer our guests access to their Club with preferential rates and services.

CPP are an international private club based in Argentina, the only “Pro-Mad” Club that rotates around the world with a distinguished guest list of members who enjoy a diversity of benefits and experiences, from access to private Islands, to a Palace in the middle of the Argentine Pampas, crossing the Andes on a horse, original and fun wine & whiskey tastings, arts, Pop Ups at International Private Members clubs, the best bars and restaurants offerings and most importantly, a club that unites the world, supports local experiences, local community, sustainability, values relationships and of course, the very personal touch.

We offer Beyond Curated guests:
• International membership with 50% discount.
• Invitations to special national and international events with member rates.
• Discounts with partner hotels in Latin America and Europe.
• Access to reciprocal international members clubs.
• Latest news from the hospitality & travel world from the well-renowned and CPP Founder Massimo Ianni.

Club Porteno Provoqa – Founded by:
Massimo Ianni, a key opinion leader and influential curator within the hospitality industry over the past 35 years.
Liana Neal, 15 years uniting International individuals from all over the world with her creativity, energy & unique experiences.