A Night at the Museum

Experience the wonders of an iconic British cultural institution as it reveals its secrets to you.

As evening descends, your night of dreams unfolds.

Image courtesy of the National Gallery


The crowds have departed as you arrive at one of the world’s most important museums to find that its doors have opened exclusively for you. The magnificently imposing halls and chambers welcome you, as you take in centuries of knowledge and history that surround you.

Be enlightened by an expert curator who will guide you through some of the most intriguing exhibits and savour the pleasure of being able to enjoy the priceless works in exclusive privacy.

Image courtesy of the National Gallery


We are proud to offer you the most beautiful settings in London, including The Victoria and Albert Museum, The National Gallery and The Natural History Museum.

As we welcome you to one of these majestic buildings, an evening of gastronomic delights, fine wines and wonderful entertainment awaits you. Savour exquisite fine dining and enjoy a Champagne tasting master class delivered by a notable Sommelier.

The magic of the evening is heightened as you are entertained by the mind bending feats of an Illusionist to the stars. Live musicians enhance the ambiance with uplifting music as your senses are awakened and your hearts filled with joy.


Whether it be an occasion of romance, or celebration with friends, family or colleagues, the setting could not be more perfect.

We will take care of every detail to ensure an ‘out of the box’ experience like no other, creating memories that will be eternally treasured.

Ignite your hearts and minds as we create your unforgettable memory of timeless beauty.