Indulge Your Partner with A Beyond Curated Luxurious Marriage Proposal

Indulge Your Partner with A Beyond Curated Luxurious Marriage Proposal

Suitors, take careful note. If you have a special love in your life and you have recently typed “unique and luxurious marriage proposals” into your search bar, then you need to know a simple, universal truth: chances are good that your loved one is way ahead of you.

In fact, your significant other has likely spent the better part of their life fantasising about how their perfect partner is going to create an unforgettably magical setting in which they pledge their undying devotion; it will be achingly beautiful and extraordinarily romantic and is likely to include unicorns and a ring the size of a small convertible.

Does the thought of this make you sweat, even just a little?

Indeed, the very idea of proposing will likely take some time to get your head around. That’s okay, just breathe.

However, when it comes to the actual proposal itself – well, here is where you may need a little help.

Unique and Luxurious Marriage Proposals in the 21st Century

The days of a quiet, romantic dinner at your local pizzeria where you pop the ring into a glass of sparkling wine are long gone.

Blame social media, celebrity trends, or simply higher expectations, “the proposal” is no longer a last-minute affair.

You need to put in a lot more effort to earn your “Yes.”

Your proposal creates a story which forms part of the patchwork of your lives – one that you will both tell, and retell to your friends, family and possibly your children for years to come. This is an experience which will make your partner feel like the most valuable person in the world. It is a doorway into the enchanted realm of love and commitment, and it is a truly wonderful way of showing them how much they mean to you.

From hiring a London theatre and recreating a scene from Romeo and Juliet, to engaging 700 singers and indulging in a bit of skywriting, to a flash mob proposal – the bar has been set pretty high by some ambitious individuals.

The reason for this is simple: we want memories more than possessions.

Does the love of your life enjoy the magic and mystery of Arabian Nights? Imagine a trip down the ancient twisting pathways of Ephesus, perhaps indulging in a spicy Turkish coffee along the way and followed by a hot air balloon ride over the chiselled peaks of Cappadocia. With the hot, red sun disappearing over the unforgiving landscape, and within the quiet solitude of your swaying basket, your champagne scented expressions of love are bound to be well received.

If you would prefer a more civilized affair, then perhaps consider a curated journey through London’s most lavish and fascinating destinations. Savour the finest private dining experiences in breathtaking surroundings, enjoy viewing dazzling jewels within exquisite private salons and be inspired by insightful master classes that will leave you both feeling enlightened.

Select any or all of these timeless choices and create the perfect setting to profess your love.

The Logistics of Proposal Planning

At this point, you may well ask: “Can I feel confident entrusting the planning of my proposal to someone else?”

A truly meaningful proposal will include elements that are intensely personal to you; songs you both love, places your partner has dreamed of visiting, a favourite scene from a movie. That’s why we will work with you to include these special and thoughtful considerations that are sure to bring tears of joy and lasting memories.

Creating the perfect setting that gives rise to these moments, is an art.

Our clients tend to have the means but lack the time to choreograph something spectacular, which is why they turn to us to pull together the elements that they need to create the fairy tale they hold within their minds.

In most cases, inspirational and luxurious wedding proposals include months of planning, a cast of “extras”, access to transport and special passes into places not usually accessible to the public, and of course, the time, expertise and discretion to manage the critical details of your special moment. This occasion simply cannot be left to chance.

Are you planning something truly memorable for your life partner to be? We have perfected the art of the unique, luxurious marriage proposal and we would love to assist you in creating the magic that the love of your life desires.