Inspirational London Experiences Beyond Your Imagination

Inspirational London Experiences Beyond Your Imagination

Of all the things for which English writer Samuel Johnson is famous, the most well-known and, indeed, well-loved must be his assertion that “when you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life.” Mr Johnson made this bold statement over three hundred years ago when the number of experiences London had to offer was a pale imitation of what this vibrant city now boasts. And yet, it was as true for 18th Century London as it is today, 19 years into the new Millennium.

The London of today would astound Samuel Johnson. In fact, it astounds even the most experienced and seasoned travellers, who flock here in their millions every year to see, hear, touch, feel and taste this vibrant, verdant and vivacious city in all its glory.

There are those, however, who yearn to go beyond London’s traditional attractions. Who, while not exactly tired of London, nevertheless long for a different London. A rarified, thrilling, exclusive and unapologetically extravagant London. A London waiting to welcome those for whom experiences are everything, and who aspire to experience the kind of luxury and indulgence that abounds if you know exactly how and where to look.

For these people, the pure luxury of this side of London is not actually a luxury. It is absolutely essential. It is, as Coco Chanel so beautifully put it, “a necessity that begins where necessity ends.”

If you’re looking to go beyond boundaries and convention, there is a world of inspirational London experiences in store for you.

“[London] contains every wish or word ever spoken, every action or gesture ever made, every harsh or noble statement ever expressed. It is illimitable. It is Infinite London.”

Peter Ackroyd


Finding The Extraordinary In the Ordinary

London’s appeal is ancient and complex. It magnetically draws admirers from all corners of the globe who come to enjoy an energy that inspires the mind and rejuvenates the soul.

Exploring London’s rich character is an art form. The problem, however, for the traveller who favours a more discreet approach to adventure, is how to make the most of the majestic landmarks and iconic locations without feeling rushed, or having to navigate substantial crowds and interminable queues.

Indeed, the discerning traveller, seeking a refined experience of a more exclusive and private nature, may well be dreaming of the opportunity to delve into the mysteries of this great city in an altogether unique and bespoke way.

Imagine being able to access royal palaces, priceless jewels and majestic museums once the crowds have dispersed, with experts at your service and the luxury of time on your side. And then imagine raising the bar even higher to enjoy the ultimate celebration as you are treated to an inspiring master class, private Michelin star fine dining experience, or private High Tea at such extraordinary locations as Kensington Palace, Sotheby’s or the Tower of London.

How wonderful would it be to browse the rarest and most exquisite diamonds at London’s most exclusive fine jewellers? Or to enjoy a private tasting of the finest wines from some of the world’s best vineyards? And don’t you ache to wander through London’s breathtaking museums without the jostle of tourists at your elbow? To have the time and space to contemplate our country’s long and fascinating history in peaceful solitude?

This is the London few are privileged enough ever to experience. But if you do, if you succumb to the allure of the unhurried, uncommercial and unequivocally luxurious side of London, you will never again look at this incredible city in quite the same way. You will be forever changed, walking along its streets and past its buildings with a deeper and more intimate appreciation of everything they have to offer. You will rekindle your love affair with this ancient, yet modern and vibrant city that has seen so much and been so much, but still has so much to offer the most aspirational of visitors.

We’ve Raised The Bar

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