Open London’s Hidden Doors for A Royal Experience of Beauty and Majesty Never to Be Forgotten

Open London’s Hidden Doors for A Royal Experience of Beauty and Majesty Never to Be Forgotten

London is world famous for its rich architectural and royal history. Iconic buildings such as the Tower of London and Kensington Palace have held our fascination for centuries. With the complex history of royalty at war with themselves and other countries, the number of intrigues and plots and shadowy and public figures who have whispered in the ears of kings and queens, the weddings and the minutiae of day to day life, the walls of historical buildings such as the Tower of London and Kensington Palace hold untold secrets.

Planning something special in London can be daunting and it can be difficult to enjoy the capital’s historical attractions because of their popularity with millions of tourists from around the world. Beyond Curated invites you to a private royal experience of two of London’s most iconic buildings: The Tower of London and Kensington Palace.

England’s Fortress of Power

Playing a very important role in English and British history, the Tower of London sits imposingly on the north bank of the River Thames in central London, watching over the wide winding river that flows through the capital city into the North Sea. Officially Her Majesty’s Royal Palace, it has also been London’s fortress stronghold and dates back to 1066 during the Norman Conquest of England. Control of the Tower has meant control of the country and so it has been besieged and attacked many times and has gone through many transformations as an armoury, a public record office, a menagerie, a treasury, the home of the Royal Mint. Though not its main purpose, the castle was used as a prison from 1100 until 1952, when the infamous gangster Kray Brothers were imprisoned there for a few days. The castle, however, was a grand palace early on in its history and served as a royal residence. It is still home to the Crown Jewels of England and captures the imagination of any who enter its gates.

When the Gates of The Tower of London Open for You

Have you wondered what the Tower of London is like once the crowds have gone home, the doors are shut, and the lights are switched off?  We invite you to experience the hushed mystery of this World Heritage site as the gates are closed to tourists and opened to Beyond Curated guests.

In the first part of the Tower of London Experience, you will be welcomed by a Yeoman Warder. The glittering history and rarity of the Crown Jewels are yours to experience in the intimate setting of a leisurely and private viewing. Feel yourself being drawn into centuries past as an Officer of the Tower spins his tales of power, splendour, treachery and intrigue.

Private fine dining within the Tower follows the beauty and majesty of the viewing of the Crown Jewels of England. You continue to tread the path of kings and queens as you sit down to dine surrounded by crowns of the Royal Collection and uplifting sounds of musicians playing amongst the ancient walls. As the music echoes and lingers, you’ll savour the fine food, the intimacy, the history and the magnificent setting for your Michelin-star dinner. A charismatic Yeoman Warder will share his insights on the setting in which you’re celebrating your unique occasion.

We invite you to conclude your magical evening at the Tower of London with the centuries-old ritual of The Ceremony of the Keys. Whilst this ancient locking up ceremony has been done for centuries every night, not many have had the opportunity to experience it. Become part of history as you accompany the Yeoman Guards to close the Tower gates, sealing your memories of a very special evening.

Start Your Unique Celebration with A Royal Experience at Kensington Palace Before the Crowds Arrive

If you want to start your special day with a blissful, unhurried, private royal experience, we can arrange for you to experience the haunting beauty of Kensington Palace in absolute privacy, before the crowds arrive.

Kensington Palace, while not having been the home of a reigning monarch since the death of George II in 1760, was the favourite residence of successive sovereigns and has been the home to some of the most-loved royals in contemporary times.

Official residence to Princess Diana, both during her marriage and after the divorce, Kensington Palace became the focus of public mourning after her death in 1997, with over one million bouquets placed as tribute before the palace gates. Princess Diana’s 1980s dress collection is housed in the palace, as part of the Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection, which dates from the 18th century to the present day.

Princes William and Harry were raised in Kensington Palace and today the extensive buildings contain the offices and London residences of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, as well as other members of the royal family.

Historic parts of Kensington Palace are open to the public. The State Rooms were first opened to the public on Queen Victoria’s birthday in 1899. This began the palace’s dual function as a private home and offices to royalty and a public museum. After a chequered history, which saw the Palace used as a temporary location for the London Museum and housing Irish soldiers in World War I, the Palace State Rooms once more underwent a £12-million renovation in 2010, opening in time for the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II in 2012.

To Hear the Whispers of Kings and Queens…

If you are planning something unforgettable for a special someone in your life, we invite you to an exceptional royal experience of beauty and majesty: an enchanting evening in the atmospheric Tower of London and a memorable morning at the breathtakingly beautiful Kensington Palace!

Choose one, or choose both… and become a part of royal history as you enjoy these fascinating and exclusive experiences.