What makes an experience unforgettable? It all begins with igniting your heart…

We all yearn for those moments in life. The ones that sweep us off our feet and create ‘goosebumps’.  Those rare experiences that uplift us on a deeper level and leave us feeling elevated, floating on cloud nine.

Recent times have left us yearning for these special moments more than ever.  So many lessons have been learnt throughout the pandemic and our appreciation for spending time wisely, focussed on the things that truly matter, is one of the realisations that stand out in a sea of new perspectives.

We’ve re-evaluated how we spend our time and our priorities have shifted. What has become more important in this brave new world? Several qualities have gained strength in recent times, among those being the importance of adaptability through creativity, increased altruism and empathy and also, significantly, sharing and enjoying meaningful moments that matter.

We call these heirloom memories, as they will be treasured for generations and be spoken about, much like in the ancient tradition of story-telling, for years to come.  Unforgettable, lasting experiences that can proudly carry the distinction ‘once-in-lifetime’, are the new must-have, as they fulfil some of the most basic of human desires.
To be truly cared for and looked after, to be heard and understood, to experiences a rare and intangible magic through a moment in time, that somehow leaves you feeling richer and feeling more alive.  Experiences that light up your soul and warm your heart.

Appreciating the importance of these emotions, together with a canny skill for curation, creative planning and sourcing the extraordinary, lead Linda Hugo to establish Beyond Curated.  With an enviable portfolio of renowned experts, hand-picked for their exceptional knowledge and charisma, and privileged access to London’s iconic landmarks (and some more secret hidden settings), Linda and her team are poised to design exactly those most special of milestone moments.

Understanding what matters, igniting emotion, creating and delivering experiences with heartfelt passion and taking meticulous and personal care of each and every guest, are hallmarks of Beyond Curated’s values.

Time is precious and magical moments await to be grasped and savoured.  There is no time like the present to treat yourself and your loved ones to an experience that will ignite your hearts. Whether celebrating a milestone anniversary, a special birthday, family gathering or proposal, you’re in expert hands with Linda and her team.

This year, we invite you to step into the magical world of a deeply enriching Beyond Curated experience.  We can’t wait to welcome you.