Why Beyond Curated Is So Much More Than Just A Concierge Service

Why Beyond Curated Is So Much More Than Just A Concierge Service

If you want something done right, do it yourself. This used to be the expression. The inference was that no one except you would be capable of carrying out your desired task to the level of perfection you demanded. Well, dear friends, this is most certainly no longer the case. There are many exceptional concierge services that are not only much better than you at carrying out your tasks, they can also, with all due respect, achieve things you would never be able to accomplish.

I’m often asked what the difference is between a concierge service, and the service I offer at Beyond Curated. So, in the interests of clarity, I would like to take this opportunity to answer this question.

What Is A Concierge?

Those of us who enjoy staying in top hotels will no doubt have made use of the concierge, usually to be found close to the reception area. These are the incredibly helpful people who will arrange a taxi for you, recommend restaurants, and help with theatre ticket bookings. But, although these concierges perform immensely helpful tasks, the role of a “true” concierge is considerably more far-reaching.

The word concierge is thought to originate from the French term “comte des cierges,” which referred to a servant whose job it was to ensure medieval stately homes, palaces and chateaux were kept clean, and the candles lit. Today, the job description has changed somewhat!

Essentially, a concierge is a person, or company, who helps make your life much easier, and more pleasant. Duties can range from helping you travel to special events, arranging holidays and making restaurant reservations. They are like the best personal assistant in the world, and by taking care of some of your more admin-intensive and time-consuming tasks, they give you the ultimate gift – time. Need a nanny with impeccable references? What about last minute tickets to a sold-out concert? They’ll even source a plumber or dog walker, and will take care of buying a suitably indulgent gift for your wealthy aunt.

Of course, at their more extravagant, a well-connected concierge can work miracles to get their demanding clients exactly what they want. Thanks to an incredible network, built up over many years in the business, there’s not much a high-end concierge can’t source or sort.

A Day In The Life…

One of the most common requests my concierge friends get from their clients is for tickets or VIP access to shows or events – such as the Wimbledon Final, Premier League football matches, or London Fashion Week – that have been sold out for months. They also frequently must arrange entry into a booked-for-months chic new night club or secure a priority booking at the best restaurant in the country.

A concierge can also be called upon to source a rare painting or sculpture, and convince the owner to sell. Or to find the perfect property for a client’s forever home, holiday getaway or love nest. They may even be asked to secure a place for a client’s child at one of the world’s most prestigious schools or universities.

Arranging and booking holidays are often on a concierge’s To Do List. Of course, this entails a little more than simply reserving accommodation. There is often a private jet to arrange, a superyacht to charter or a luxury villa – complete with a private chef – to book.

The world of the high-end concierge is laced with incredible excess and opulence, complemented by impeccable service. It’s like having a hands-free virtual assistant whose only goal is to do what you need when you need it done.

What Does Beyond Curated Do?

As much as I respect and applaud the incredible effort a concierge goes to for their client, I always look at the situation thus:

A concierge makes your life easier; we make it truly special.

The key emphasis of our offering is privacy and our inimitable personal touch. We create bespoke experiences that have nothing to do with your daily schedule, but which take an ordinary day and transform it into something truly extraordinary. We’ve partnered with a select group of esteemed Historic Organisations, Luxury Houses and companies, all of which align with our unwavering dedication to excellence.

Experience a Private Viewing of The Crown Jewels, followed by dinner within the Tower. Discover the fascinating history of a Heritage Fine Jeweller within the opulence of their private salon, visiting the jewellers’ workshop and taking in the secrets of their ancient skills. Or enjoy a Private visit to Kensington Palace – be guided through the seldom seen areas of a working Royal palace, and experience its compelling regal intrigue.

Your most extravagant wish really is our command, and we look forward to showing you in more detail all the ways in which we differ from a traditional concierge service.